The Feyrbrand Oasis

A place to relax and take your troubles away.
(All prices are RP only, no real Gil charged)

Brynhildr Ward 20, Plot 54 of Shiro

Thursdays 7pm cst - 10pm cst

About the Feyrbrand Oasis

The Oasis is owned and operated by none other then the Feyrbrand family.

The oasis started out as a dream of a floral shop from Zeromus Feyrbrand. Looking to help sell floral arrangements, or herbal medicines.

Over time, the idea began to blossom into a full resort for those looking to relax finally from a long journey. To try and heal their wounds or their mental health.

Another reason for a place to heal, came from Zeromus' loss of work when those of this star would cut his pay and eventually fire him just because he was an Ascian.

This place is welcome to all, no matter their background or history. It's a non-judgmental location and a non-combat location. All weapons must be handed over and locked up until the time they leave.


Zeromus Feyrbrand


Resort Options to Pick From.


Every resort needs a reception. The moment you walk in, if staff permitting, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Feel free to start here on your journey and select one of our amazing options for your evening. Please note-that any special bookings for space rental, or private massage must be made with a receptionist in advance!


What better way to relax those old bones, or soothe your spirit than a dip in the hot springs of Shirogane. Our baths are tapped into the fresh hot natural Spring water of Shirogane. Once the baths are done-they are let back into the natural surroundings and into the hot springs once again, only to pull from the fresh waters once more to refill and let the land clean it naturally.

There are plenty of free Body scrubs to choose from and scented oils as well before taking a dip into the spa's warm waters.

The benifits of fresh hot springs are as follows.
-Boost Blood Circulation.
-Reduce Stress and Promote Sleep.
-Relieve Pain.
-Heal Skin Problems.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)


Maybe you're not looking to go for a dip in the relaxing spring waters just yet. Perhaps you would rather start in the steam room/ Sauna.

Located across from the baths is a nice wooden area that will help encase the hot air and warmth around you and let the water soak into the wood. A small fireplace is provided to help create more of the steam if needed, along with a small faucet and a bucket to fill and pour the water out when needed.

Benefits of the Sauna are as follows.
-Increased circulation.
-Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.
-Help with weight loss.
-Flush toxins from your body.
-It relieves stress.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)

Refreshment Stand

Hungry? But-you still want to relax downstairs in the spa area? Think nothing of it. We have a few quick snacks that are provided at the refreshment stand that you can easily grab and go with.

Feel free to buy fresh fruits, pastries, and specialty waters from this stand. Across from this stand is a small sushi stand where you can pick up small amounts of sushi and sit in the sun room to enjoy!

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)

The Sunroom

Want to dry off from the Spa? Looking to just relax in the warm inviting rays of the sun? Enjoy the soft crackle of the fireplace and sit and enjoy a nice drink or snack within the sunroom.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)

Private Massages

We have a room for private massages. There are Various kinds of massages we offer, so please look into our booking guidelines and what we offer under there for further details on pricing and types of spa like offerings.

The private massage room has a hallway you can change in, or sit in the small waiting area to sign in and relax while you wait for your masseuse to enter and take care of you. The room also had two large tables for you to lay down and get a couples massage if you wish, and a large personal bath to enjoy the hot springs with your significant other or group of friends.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)

Flower Shop

There is a florist shop on sight if you wish to take something home to your significant other. Maybe you're looking to bring home some herbal remedies, or perhaps you are looking for a calming presence in your home. For a full list and prices please check under our booking tab for more information.

Located within the Flower Shop, you can find all kinds of exotic flowers, elixirs, herbal remedies, scented candles, and a few bottles of perfume.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)


A small café under the stars, come sit here and relax by the running stream. Listen to the local wildlife and grab a nice drink and a light meal or enjoy our desserts before you take a dip in the hot spring water.

(Bathing Suits or Clothes Must Be Worn When in the Spa and Resort)

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Flower Shop

Listed flowers below can be purchased individually or in an assortment for an arrangement. Prices vary-by type and color.
(Poisonous plants, please handle with caution after purchase)
Arum (Poisonous)
-White ( 600 gil )
-Red, Blue, Yellow ( 700 gil )
-Black, rainbow ( 900 gil )
-Green, Purple, Orange ( 800 gil )

Oldrose (Flower of Love)
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Orange, Purple, Green ( 700 gil )
-White, Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Viola (Pansy Flowers)
-Yellow ( 500 gil )
-Red, Blue ( 600 gil )
-Orange, Purple, Green ( 700 gil )
-Black, White, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Shroud Cherry Blossom (Flower of Beauty)
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Purple, Orange, Green ( 700 gil )
-Pink, Black, White ( 800 gil )

Daisy (It's a Daisy)
-white ( 500 gil )
-Red, Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
Orange, Purple, Green ( 700 gil )Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )
Brightlily (Giant Flowers)
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Orange, Purple, Green ( 700 gil )
-White, Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Tulip (A Tulip)
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Yellow, Blue ( 600 gil )
Purple, Green, Orange ( 700 gil )-Rainbow, Black, White ( 800 gil )

Dahlia ( Potatoes Flowers )
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Yellow, Blue ( 600 gil )
-Green, Orange, Purple ( 700 gil )
-Black , White, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Lily of the Valley (Highly poisonous)
-White ( 600 gil )
-Red, Yellow, Blue ( 700 gil )
Orange, Purple, Green ( 800 gil )-White, Black, Rainbow ( 900 gil )

Hydrangea ( Firework styled Flowers-without the fire. )
-Blue ( 500 gil )
-Red, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Green, Orange, Purple ( 700 gil )
-Rainbow, Black, White ( 800 gil )

Campanula ( Edible. Please do not eat the flowers in the shop. )
-Purple ( 500 gil )
-Red, Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Orange, Green ( 700 gil )
-White, Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Hyacinth ( Spooky flower )
-Blue ( 500 gil )
-Yellow, Red ( 600 gil )
-Purple, Green, Orange ( 700 gil )
-Black, White, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Cosmos ( Too happy, Can become self-loathing )
-Purple ( 500 gil )
-Blue, Red, Yellow ( 600 gil )
-Green, Orange ( 700 gil )
-White, Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Carnation (Beautiful large flowers-or Morbols take your pick.)
-Red ( 500 gil )
-Yellow, Blue ( 600 gil )
-Orange, Green, Purple ( 700 gil )
-Black, White, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Moth Orchid (Thrive in real sun-or fake sun. Is this alive or dead?)
-White ( 500 gil )
-Red, Blue, Yellow ( 600 gil )
Orange, Purple, Green ( 700 gil )Black, Rainbow ( 800 gil )

Exotic Flowers and Herbs

Pearl Roselle (A milky white flower commonly found growing in the humid climes of the southern seas.) ( 7,000 gil )Thavnairian Mistletoe (A variety of parasitic plant that is commonly found growing on the stout acacia trees of Thavnair. ) ( 3,000 gil )Seventh Heaven (are flower that has an elemental aspect tipped severely in the direction of astral.) ( 2,000 gil )Lavender (fragrant purple flower found growing in coastal areas throughout Aldenard.) ( 500 gil )Nymeia Lily (ornamental plant said to be beloved of Nymeia, the Spinner.) ( 900 gil )Abalathian Mistletoe (parasitic plant found growing on trees in the Sea of Clouds) ( 700 gil )Althyk Lavender ( fragrant variety of lavender rarely found in the arid lowland regions of Thanalan.) ( 650 gil )Alyssum (coveted by perfumers for its honey-sweet aroma.) ( 750 gil )Azeyma Rose (A flowering ornamental plant said to be beloved of Azeyma, the Warden) ( 900 gil )Bitter Foxglove (rare herb native to the Coerthas highlands. Poison extracted from its leaves is several times more deadly than that found in common foxgloves) ( 1,200 gil )Chamomile (fragrant yellow flower found growing throughout Vylbrand.)( 400 gil )Coneflower (plant bearing large, horn-shaped flowers has been recently discovered to be effective in curing several different ailments.) ( 600 gil )Cow Bitter (sweet-smelling perennial can be found growing in all of the Three Great Continents.) ( 370 gil )Fragrant Steppe Wildgrass (fragrant wildgrass, rare even on the Azim Steppe.) ( 3,200 gil )Periwinkle (Slightly Poisonous) (found across the Three Great Continents) ( 750 gil )Steppe Safflowers (brightly colored flower that blooms across the Azim Steppe. Best known as a versatile dye that can produce red, yellow, or even purple hues) ( 500 gil )Tiger Lily (A variety of tall-growing lily, the bulbs of which can be used in various medicines.) ( 7,000 gil )


Choose from our display of vases, please see the selection while shopping at our venue.

Buy Our Scents Today!

List of Perfumes

Lavender ( 2,000 gil )

Cherry Blossom ( 2,000 gil )

Sweet Pea ( 2,000 gil )

Oldrose (2,000 gil )

(we do take requests with advanced orders, prices will vary depending on flowers or fruits used.)

List of Colognes

Phoenix ( 2,500 gil )
Dragons Fire ( 4,500 gil )
Ice Sprite Blue (2,500 gil )
The Twelveswood ( 2,000 gil )
( we do take requests with advanced orders, prices will vary depending on ingredients used.)


Floral, Fruits, Candy, Sweets, Weather Scented, Environmental scented. ( 650 gil )

(Custom requests will be taken but price may change depending upon ingredients. )

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Private Massage (Comes with bath)

Aromatherapy Massage (Aromatherapy massage integrates essential oils into the massage experience) ( 3,500 gil )Deep Tissue Massage (Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving severe muscle tension. It’s especially effective if you have musculoskeletal disorders, postural problems, or chronic muscle pain and tension.) ( 3,200 gil )Hot Stone Massage (Hoping for some novelty in your massage experience? Hot stone massage stands out from the rest. The massage therapist places hot stones on the your body and often uses them to give the massage. The effect allows the therapist to go deeper while still using lighter pressure.) ( 3,500 gil )Swedish Massage (A traditional massage therapist usually applies kneading, stroking, and friction to loosen muscular tension and increase blood circulation. The therapist uses massage oil to ease the hand strokes and movements.) ( 3,000 gil )

Body Wraps (comes with bath )

Clay or mud (A layer of soothing clay or mud is applied to the skin to detoxify, cleanse and firm. The mud is thought to ease water retention and cleanse the pores by drawing out impurities. A mud wrap might help with arthritis, rheumatism and minor skin irritations. A mud wrap can feel a bit clammy when it is first applied but soon cocoons you in warmth.) ( 2,000 gil )Herbal ( Herbs and spices, and herbal essential oils, are often used in wraps for their therapeutic qualities. You may find lavender in a calming or healing wrap and Occasionally, pieces of cloth are soaked in herb-infused oils and layered over your body to form a wrap.) ( 2,500 gil )Thalasso or seaweed (Your body is slathered in warm seaweed before you are wrapped in a warm covering. This concentration of seawater and seaweed comes in a thick paste, and doesn't always smell great, it must be said, but its effects are palpable -- it hydrates and firms the skin, and leaves it tingly-fresh.) ( 2,000 gil )

Nails ( Bath is extra )

Manicure - Colors and Nail art, Clear coats

Basic - ( 1,000 gil )

Gel - ( 1, 500 gil )

Private Bath ( solo )

Per half hour ( 500 gil )
Per Hour ( 1,000 gil )

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Are you familiar with plant types?
Are you good with your hands for massages?
Are you someone who likes to tend to a bar and server others?
Perhaps you are a well trained sushi chief?

We're currently looking for more able bodies looking to work around the resort. If you think this could be a good fit for you come join our Oasis team and sign up for an interview with us!